Square Dancing

Hello Everyone

Ed Harris >

We have been Square Dancing since about 1980. We don't seem to go much anymore, but then we seem to go in spurts. be real active for a while, then back off for a while.In the early 1990's I was president of a club called theWoodford Whirlersand I held that position for six years. The first picture is one of the banner that we designed for the club and was displayed at our dances. We also had a smaller one that other clubs could capture and take back to their club by having three couples from their club visit. This promoted visitations between clubs.Some of the pictures i will explane. Others will just be displayed. In order for these to load faster there will be several pages. One page will be taken all at the same time we had like a fashion show and the outfits we just kept changing. Most of the outfits you will see Sue made herself this way all four of us was dressed alike. Hope you like the pictures.

woodford whirlers banner this is the banner we displayed at all of our dances. club no longer exists but i still have the banner.
Ed, Sue, Eddie,& Bonnie This is a picture of Sue, me, Sue's sister Bonnie, her husband Eddie,our daughter Sis and our son Carl in the yellow and black shirt with his back to the camera ,and another good friend in the green Jack. the small one I dont know who that is.
Ed, Sue This is another picture of alll six of us like the one above. Sue made all the outfits and we belonged to a club called the { Happy Squares } the club no longer existes.
Ed, Suethis is Sue and I at a club dance on our 25th weeding anniversary and we redid our vows at the dance....turned out to be quite a crowd pleased~!

©..... W. Edwin Harris