Ed & Sue Harris

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How They Met

pen-pals' future was written in the stars

The couple lived on the farm where Ed worked for about three months. then they bought a trailer and moved to Versailles. Ed soon left the farm and went to work at the old Ice-plant in Lexington. He is employed now at Cloud Concrete Co.. Carol didn't go to work till 1968, when she worked for Rental Uniform Co.. She's now employed by Van-Dyne_Crotty uniform company. In 1974 they bought a house in Nonesuch and have lived there since. The couple have a son, Carl, and a daughter, Edwina, and two grandchildren. They Recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary by spending a week at Hilton Head South Carolina. Carol says you have to trust one another to make a marriage work. "you have to work hard to make a go of it" she said "We have a truly beautiful , and wonderful life. We have been really blessed by God and are looking forward to many, many more wonderful years together."
When Carol Sue Blevins of Troy was 14 her girlfriend Dorothy had several penpals. Ed Harris of Virginia City Nevada was one of them. Ed worked for his uncle a horse trainer at a racetrack near Reno. Dorthy shared Ed's name and address with Carol so Carol could be a penpal too. When Carol wrote to Ed and got a reply, she showed the letter to her mom, and her mom said Carol could continue to write to Ed. He lived so far away that Carol's mom thought Carol Probably never meet him. The two corresponded for five years and in April 1966 Ed came to Keenland for the spring meet. he sent Carol a telegram telling her he was at Keenland That Easter Sunday Carol's dad drove her to meet Ed at the track. He visited Carol several times at her home, but her mom never allowed her to go out on a date. When the races was over at Keenland Ed went to New York. That September Ed came back to Kentucky on vacation and visited Carol again at her home. He returned to New York, but in October he got a job in Lexington at a horse farm. When he came to see Carol, he asked her dad if they could get married.Ed and Carol Harris of Lexington have been married for 35 years.

He asked my dad before he asked me." Carol said."in fact he never asked me. we was never alone until we married". They were married December 20th 1966 at her parents home they didn't even have a honeymoon.

Just a few MileStones in our lives that some might find interesting

This is where it started. This is an article that was in the Lexington newspaper I have tried to reproduce this above where it will be easier to read it is not exact but I am just learnig all this but at least you can read it.

I am going to put just a few pictures on each page. Don't know how many pages this is going to make, so if you come back and check every now and then you may learn about me and my family.

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This is a picture oh me and Sue when we first met. Taken at her home in Troy. The car was Sue's first car. It was a 1955 Ford Standard shift which I might add Sue never learned to drive a standard.Ed & Sue Harris
alt="Ed & Sue Harris"
Ed & Sue Harris>this is a picture of Sue and I taken in her home in troy. Like the article at the tops states we was never allowed to be alone while I was there. Heck with Sue's five sisters it was impossible to sneek off {Snicker].
On the Right is a picture of our Wedding day December 20th 1966. We was married in Troy at the home of Sue's parents by Sue's uncle.Ed & Sue Harris
Ed & Sue Edwina & Carl HarrisWell as you can see on the left we finaly got a family going. This picture was taken about 1980 Daughter's name is Edwina and, Son's Name is Carl.
This is a picture taken in sue's sister's home about 1980. She likes to collect old antiques and things like that the home was an old rock houseEd & Sue Harris
This is a picture on the Right of a party we had for our 20th wedding anniversary and, we also celebrated Sue's birthday which is only three days after our anniversary. we had several good friends and family there .. good time was had by all!

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