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The Internet Junkie

Grab my coffee, start my day click on line and i'm away Open my inbox, check my mail full of ads that "just can't fail"! Sounds so great, I must hear more, even though I've heard it all before. Yeah You.ve got me, hook-line, & sinker guess its why my bank balance....keeps getting pinker Go to your sites, read those trackers, hope like heck there's been no hackers. You admaire your work, you think you're a hero, until you discover your new hits are a zero. Downlines, uplines, links galore, search engins FFA's and so much more there's so much to learn, so much to see have to take a break....I gotta go "P"! now that i'm back, i just have to say, Its good that you can't see me, its better that way. My hair is a mess,my clothes are in tatters Aren't you glad, none of this matters? The hours is late, your vision is blurred time to admit it, you need to be cured. just one more ad, it can't wait till later. I'm just glad i downloaded "gator". my family they miss me They think i'm mislead Mostly they want to see, more than the back of my head I know that I'm SMART I'm nobody's FLUNKY I'm what you call an INTERNET JUNKIE

I Love You

I love you oh, so very much I've carved it in a tree I want to tell the wholewide world how much you mean to me. I think my Trusty pocket knife has made the message plain and best of all it won't wash off in case we have some rain. my love will grow as years go by and when we're old and grey > we can come and look again at what i've carved today


If a am to grow old, I wish with all my heart to do so gracefully as I walk along life's path with you. if I am to discover the true beauty of life, I pray that I will partake of this beauty with you by my side. If A am to travel a path of fulfilling my destiny in life, then i hope from the deepest, most inner part of my being, that the path i travel will always be wide enought for you to walk along beside me, for I would not want to experiencethese joys without you. And if upon occasion, the path narrows slightly, and there is only room for one of us at a time please know that I will follow you Trusting that you would never lead me where it wasn't safe, that you would never take me to places where I cannot grow, that while you lead, you would be incapable of doing anything that would deter me from what is right for me, or for us, and the love which we share And should I be the one to temporarily walk out in front along our path, please know that I will always be sensitive to your needs. I will always travel the paths of encouragement and enlightenment I will never lead you into harm's way, and although i may be in front, I shall always hold my hand out for you, so that we are never far apart in our travels GROW OLD WITH ME,THE BEST IS YET TO BE


The view of heaven that i sing is not of angels on the wing. White robed, with harps and golden crown I vision rather little towns, with smogless skies and rivers clear and not an airplane you can hear. No dust, no rust, no rats, no rot, No raucous rock,no potent pot, No growing old with weakened sight, No dentures slipping when you bite No bombs, no guns, no courts, no jails, Where all succeed and no one fails No strikes, no layoffs,full employment And everyone with job enjoyment. All tell the truth,state only facts, No wars, no debt, no income tax, According to this dream of mine In Heaven no one stands in line and there are only smiling faces And lots and lots of parking places.


Six humans trapped by happenstance in bleak and bitter cold. Each one possessed a stick of wood, or so the story's told. Their dying fire in need of logs, The first woman held hers back For on the faces around the fire She noticed one was black. The next man looking cross the way saw one not ot his church, And couldn't bring himself to give The fire his stick of birch. The third one sat in tattered clothes He gave his coat a hitch Why should his log be put to use to warm the idle rich? The rich man just sat back and thought Of all the wealth he had in store. and how to keep what he had earned From the lazy poor. The black man's face bespoke revenge, As the fire passed from his sight For all he saw in his stick of wood Was a chance to spite the white. And the last man of the forlone group did naught except for gain. Giving only to those who gave Was how he played the game. The logs held tight in death's still hands Was proof of human sin They didn't die from the cold without They died from the cold within.

©..... W. Edwin Harris