Sis & Carl

Here are a few pictures of our daughter and son. Daughters name is Edwina ...we always called her Sis. Sons name is Carl....a lot of times he was called Brother. Mainly because his grandfathers name was Carl and everyone got mixed up when the name Carl was hollered. I will put dates with the pictures but will not explane them . the following pages will be a page for each of them by them-selves.

Edwina {sis} & Carl HarrisThis was taken in 1972.
This was taken in 1975 Edwina {Sissy} and Carl Harris he is three in this pictureEdwina {sis} & Carl Harris
This was taken in 1981 in our front yard. they just keep growing in this picture sis is now 14 years old and carl is 9 years old.
This picture was taken at Carl's Wedding. Taken in November of 1999. His new wife Kimberly Hulker is in the center between Carl and Sis.Carl & Kim & Sissy Harris
Carl & Kim & Savannah Harris this picture was taken in December 2004 this is our third grand daughter.
This is another picture taken this december 2004 of Carl and Kim and Savannah>Carl & Kim & Savannah Harris
Carl & Kim & Savannah & Carlie Harris this picture was taken in December 2006 family growingthese are our two youngest Grand Daughters

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