Susie "Clifton" Blevins

born June 30, 1927

Died June 14, 1996

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Susie Blevins


God's most beautiful Rose

Life is a beautiful garden. With flowers of different kinds, And the roses are made up of mothers And they're special like yours and mine. Each blossom has a lovely Fragranc And they make such a beautiful bouquet. When picked and gathered by the hand of God, for that heavenly room someday. Their life is such a rewarding one, Filled with love we can't comprehend. So understanding of the mistakes we make. Can you ask for a better friend? They're only here for a little while, So enjoy them while you can. Like flowers they, soon fade away. or picked by God's gentle hand. I love you mother with all my heart, And everybody knows. In the beautiful flower garden of life. You're God's most beautiful Rose. © by.. Laura J. Sutherland>

©..... W. Edwin Harris