Catherine Jeanette Pritchard

born January 3, 1953

Died August 2, 1989

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Catherine Pritchard>


This is a poem my brother wrote for our cousin and read at her funeral

I'm calling for Sis

I last called to you in "66" to get our "Gram" a ride. Well now my cousin needs a lift to take her to the other side. Yes my cousin left here today, I know she's in your town GOD, would you please take some time, and take a look around. You'll probably find her there at "Grams" a working real hard; or maybe she'll be "sails" as she goes from yard to yard. she could be working with her show dogs, or cooking up a "pastie" meal. or maybe shopping for some treasure, if she can only swing a deal. you might look on the "back side" out there with her uncle Ed; a good place to watch a race there, or swap a joke before she goes to bed. Where ever you do find her, when she finally makes it there. she'll answer up to Catherine, Kath,or or maybe even "Bear". but if you want to make a hit, with the one we'll all miss just let mer know that i got through to you, and for me, please, just call her "Sis"

© Neil Harris

©..... W. Edwin Harris